Know each type of asset that you have for ease of management


Know each type of asset that you have for ease of management

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Do you remember the basic accounting equation? The basic accounting equation is assets (assets) = debt (liabilities) + capital. If you look at the equation, assets have a close relationship with capital and debt. This is because to obtain an asset, you can use capital or debt or a combination of both. In addition, the three types of accounts are also elements in the balance sheet.

In this article, we will discuss more assets. As we know, assets are an important component in a company. It is certain that all companies must have assets for operational activities. In addition, other activities such as investment and financing will also be related to assets. Without assets in a company, the company’s operations will not run.

For some people who work in accounting, assets are nothing new to hear. However, do you understand it? Especially for some people who do not work in the field of accounting. The following is an overview of the understanding and types of assets that can help you understand more deeply.

Definition of Assets

According to PSAK No. 16 Revised 2011, assets are all assets owned by individuals or groups that are tangible or intangible, which have value will have benefits for everyone or the company. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI) defines assets as resources controlled by the company as a result of events that occurred in the past and the origin of future economic benefits that are expected to have benefits for the company. In line with this understanding IFRS / International Financial Reporting Standards (2008), defines assets as follows “An asset is a resource controlled by the enterprise as a result of From the above definitions, it can be concluded that assets are all assets owned by companies and individuals that have potential economic benefits in the future.

Asset Characteristics

Assets have different characteristics with other components of financial statements. So you can recognize an asset by looking at its characteristics. As for the characteristics of assets, namely:

a. Has economic benefits that are obtained for the future.

b. Controlled and controlled by the company.

c. Results from past transactions or events.


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