Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try


Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try

Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta is indeed known as one of the cities in Indonesia which has a lot of potentials. There are many more values ​​possessed by both natural and human resources. Yogyakarta is also one of the cities with great business opportunities. All types of businesses can be found in this city, ranging from small businesses, medium to large businesses with unmitigated profits. Business actors also come from any group, from young people to the elderly. Business opportunities in this city are quite extensive and can be an opportunity for anyone, including you. If you are one of those who live in Yogya, there is no harm in trying new things including opening a business. What business opportunities in Yogya can you try? Following the Journal give a review.


Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta Worth Trying Most of the areas in the city of Yogyakarta are filled with migrants. High tourism potential and the number of well-known campuses is the reason. Being a tourist in an area, it’s not complete if you do not enjoy the specialties of the area. This is why the culinary business becomes one of the lucrative businesses when it is founded in Yogya. Not only that, Yogya itself has many kinds of culinary that are in demand. There are warm, stir-frying, catfish, leather noodles, Javanese noodles, bak pia, and many others.

The culinary business potential can be even greater if it is associated with students who meet this student city. In the midst of the busywork that must be done, of course, most of the students did not have time to cook their own food. They also often need snacks to accompany their work activities. Catering businesses, cheap food stalls, selling wet cakes and light snacks can be suitable ideas for this circle. In addition, students now need a place to do assignments, organizational meetings or just a place to hang out with friends. Culinary business can be made fancier by developing it into a coffee shop or co-working space that can be used as a gathering place and do various things.

Boarding and Lodging

Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta Worth Trying to Connect with tourists and students alike, other business opportunities that will sell well if developed in Yogya are boarding and lodging. In 2019 the local government is targeting 10 million tourist visits. And according to BPS 2015/2015 data there are at least around 350 thousand students in Yigya and will continue to grow each year. With the large number of tourists and students, of course boarding and lodging is needed every day. You can use rooms that are not used at home for rent. It could also make a professional lodging or boarding house to accommodate more people. This potential will be greater if entering a vacation or special campus events such as graduation.

Rent Motorbikes and Cars

Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta Worth Trying To be able to enjoy various tourist attractions in this city, of course transportation facilities are needed to get to the location. In Yogya there are various public transportation that will deliver to certain tourist attractions. But there are still tourist attractions that cannot be reached. In addition it will require quite a long time if you choose to use public transportation. Therefore many choose to use private vehicles so that the journey will be shorter and more comfortable. This also applies to students who packed the city of Yogya.

Many need their own vehicles to be more free to travel. You can turn this into income by renting modes of transportation such as motorbikes and cars. Because renting motorbikes and cars is quite risky, you must make a thorough business plan first. Borrowing should be monitored as well as possible so that motorcycles and cars entrusted to bring others can safely return to you.


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