Cheap Furniture and Utensils


Cheap Furniture and Utensils

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Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try These business opportunities are usually very popular among students. There are various types of boarding houses or dormitories provided in this student city, both fully furnished or without furniture. For boarding without furniture, students usually need new furniture to fill it. Furniture such as mattresses, cabinets, study tables chairs and so forth. For a fully furnished boarding house, you will also need small appliances such as pillows, blankets, carpets, brooms, dipper and so on. Because the need for furniture and tools will continue to exist, there is no harm if using this as a business opportunity.

Photocopies and Office Stationery

Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try Students with a variety of campus activities and assignments, visiting photocopy shops and office stationery will certainly become a daily activity. No wonder this business is mushrooming in the campus environment. Likewise, Jogja remembers its name as a student city. This type of business is already mushrooming, but will still develop because it is needed by many people. Photocopies and office stationery can be a preferred business choice. You can open a photocopy and office stationery business in areas close to student boarding. In addition to opening photocopy services, it can also be added to laminating, thesis binding services, photo editing and others that would be needed by students.


Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta Worth Trying One thing that tourists should not miss is to buy souvenirs. Likewise for students, going home to their hometown is incomplete if they do not bring souvenirs. Yogya has many choices that can be used as souvenirs when returning to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčorigin. There are various types of food, such as bakpia, yangko, geplak, warm and so forth. There are also various items, namely batik, silver handicrafts, Jogja shirts, accessories and much more. To take advantage of the moment of returning home tourists and students into profit coffers, you can try a souvenir business that is quite tempting.


Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try The fashion business never dies and can be opened anywhere. Especially Yogya where a lot of young people are indeed very interested in various fashion goods. When you want to open a business in Yogya, don’t hesitate to bring up fashion items as one of the choices. You can target students with a collection of clothes that can be used for college activities or hang out. Or you can target tourists by opening a batik and T-shirt business typical of Yogya.

Tour and Travel

Promising Business Opportunities in Yogyakarta That Are Worth a Try With the title as a tourist city, of course, makes Yogya crowded with many tourists. But it is not uncommon among those who arrive without any knowledge of tourist attractions in Yogya and how to reach them. There are also those who want to travel in a relaxed and practical way with the assistance. Tour and travel is a business that you can set up to accommodate those needs. You can provide a variety of packages, ranging from the simplest such as shuttle at tourist attractions to complete tour packages by providing pickup, lodging, tours to various places as well as its guide.


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