Characteristics of BUMN


Characteristics of BUMN

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a. Full Power in the Government’s Hands
When talking about BUMN, all activities are controlled, controlled and fully monitored by the government. This is because the state is the official owner of the BUMN and the state that established the BUMN. Not only that, the reason the government holds full power in this company, is because they want to maintain a stability and avoid misuse from irresponsible parties.

b. Country Income Sources
It is undeniable that SOEs are one of the main depositors of state funds. With the existence of SOEs, the state will get regular income from the services and supplies they prepare for the community. All profits derived from all economic activities will go to the national treasury. Basically, with the presence of SOEs, Indonesia will continue and continue to be able to carry out economic activities.

c. All risks borne by the government
As mentioned above, all SOE activities and all forms of power will be fully exercised by the government so that whatever happens is the responsibility of the government, and all risks are also the responsibility of the government.

d. The Products Are Interested By All
Another feature that distinguishes SOEs from other business entities lies at this point, that is, whatever is provided and traded is a product that is in high demand and is needed by the community. It can even be said that when there are no products from SOEs, the community will become confused and do not know the direction.

e. Serving the Public Interest & Public Services
The main task undertaken by SOEs is to perform public services and the public interest. Common interests include electricity, water, communication, and so on. As for public services including BPJS, train tickets, and so forth.

f. Shares Can Be Owned by the Community
For the issue of shares in SOEs, not only the state has the right to control it. But other parties are also entitled to own shares in SOEs. However, it should be noted that there is a limit to share ownership by an outsider, which is not more than 50% of shares owned by SOEs.

Those are some of the characteristics and types of BUMN. In running any business, BUMN or private, financial statements are one of the important things that must be owned. With the right financial statements, you will get several benefits, such as making business strategies easily and precisely. To make it easier to create business financial statements, you can use Journal accounting software. Not only helps to provide instant financial reports, Journals can also help you monitor the company’s financial condition anywhere and anytime in real time.


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